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VCA WF Health Surveys 2019

VCA WF Health Surveys Welcome Page

Hello Vizsla Owners!

The Vizsla Club of America Welfare Foundation (VCA WF) is excited to launch a series of online surveys to improve our knowledge of the purebred Vizsla in the USA. This multiphase project is the first of its kind. Phase 1, the "VCA WF Vizsla Population Survey 2019", aims to estimate the number of Vizslas currently living in the United States and to obtain basic information about Vizsla owners and their current dogs.

In subsequent phases, we will dig deeper into the physical and behavioral health of the Vizsla population. Results from these surveys will inform the VCA WF research team and assist with funding decisions that will benefit the entire Vizsla community.

On this page, you are asked to enter your email address. Providing your email address will allow us to contact you about additional VCA WF surveys and transfer survey response information from one survey to the next (this will save you time!). Given the nature of the survey platform, providing an email is necessary. However, we will keep your email address secure and will only reach out to share results or invite you to future VCA WF surveys.

If you have any questions or comments about the survey, please contact us at We thank you for your participation in advance!

Krista Schroeder, PhD MHS
VCA Public Health Coordinator
Elise Wright
VCA WF President
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